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Class of 2023 (Tier 1)

Updated: Aug 14, 2020

  • 6’2” PG Dajuan Wagner Jr. (NJ)/ NJ Scholars (ESPN Ranked)

  • 6’7” SF Mackenzie Mgbako (NJ)/ NJ Scholars (ESPN Ranked)

  • 6’3” CG Simeon Wilcher (NJ)/ PSA Cardinals (ESPN Ranked)

  • 6’8” Wing Akil Watson (NJ)/ NY Lightning (ESPN Ranked)

  • 6'9" F Kwame Evans Jr. (MD)/ Team Durant (ESPN Ranked)

  • 6’4” SG Terrell Pitts (PA)/ NY Lightning

  • 6’6” SF Jahmere Tripp (NY)/ NY Lightning

  • 6’10” C Aaron Bradshaw (NJ)/ Team Rio

  • 6’3” PG Christian Jones (CT)/ NY Lightning

  • 6’2” PG Dean Newsome (PA)/ New York Rens

  • 6’2” G Royal Brown (NY)/ New York Rens

  • 6'0” PG Rahmir Barno (PA)/ Team Final

  • 6'0” G Mark Butler (PA)/ Philly Pride

  • 6'1” G Xzayvier Brown (PA)/ K-Low Elite

  • 6’6” Wing Justin Edwards (PA)/ Team Final

  • 6’6” Wing Shawn Simmons (PA)/ Team Durant

  • 6'5" G James Johns Jr. (PA)/ Team Final

  • 6'2" Spencer Joyner (NJ)/ NJ Scholars

6'2" PG Dajuan Wagner Jr. (Camden High School)

The Freshman Guard has established hisself as the top freshman in the country, per ESPN. He is definitely following in his fathers footsteps with the opportunity to be even better. He can score from all three levels. His quickness and ability to score from anywhere past half court is what separates him from the pack.

Media: MaxPreps

6'7" Wing Mackenzie Mgbako (Gill St. Bernards)

Mgbako is a very long and athletic wing that can help out at guard position and in the post. His ability to play and defend 1-5 is what separates him from the pack. He's a marvelous 3-point shooter and causes havoc on the defensive end due to his long wingspan. The Freshman wing has already managed to pick up D1 offers from Rutgers, St. Johns, Auburn, and more.

Picture: SORU503

Media: New Jersey Sports Zone

6'3" CG Simeon Wilcher (Roselle Catholic)

Simeon was thrown into the jungle as a freshman at Roselle Catholic as a cub and came out a lion. Simeon can do everything on the court. You need points, assists, rebounds, steals, or blocks, Simeon can go out against any team and fill the stat sheet. He's a very skilled offensive player that is developing rapidly on the defensive end as well. The Freshman Guard has already managed to pick up D1 offers from Xavier, Oregon, Wake Forest, Auburn and many more.

Picture: Tim Lang Photos

Media: New Jersey Sports Zone

6'8" Wing Akil Watson (Don Bosco Prep)

Watson is a long, lengthy wing who can move very good for his size. He can score from the perimeter or get in the post on smaller matchups. His skillset along with his height gives him an advantage in 90% of his matchups. As Watson develop his perimeter game over the next three years, it will be extremely difficult for anyone to stop him. The Freshman Wing has already managed to pick up D1 offers from Nebraska, St. Johns, Auburn and more.

Picture: HoopGroup

Media: New Jersey Sports Zone

6'9" F Kwame Evans Jr. (Baltimore Polytechnic Institute)

Evans Jr. is the 7th ranked player in the Class of 2023, per ESPN. Evans Jr. played on a team filled with D1 talent in Justin Lewis (Marquette), Rahim Ali (Howard), and Brandon Murray (IMG Academy). He's young but he has been surrounded by individuals who have passed down their knowledge of the game. Evans game is versatile. He's 6'9" but he's played Point Guard in the few times I have seen him play. He can shoot, attack the rim and a superb defender. Possibly the best big defender in this tier. Evans Jr. has offers to LSU, Maryland, TCU, Texas, Georgetown, Auburn, and many more.

6'4" CG Terrell Pitts (Bishop McDevitt Wyncote, PA)

Pitts is a terrific two-way player, possibly top 5 in the class as it pertains to being a two-way player. Pitts can score in a multitude of ways on offense and lock down on defense. Pitts’ ability to get after things on the defensive end while still having the stamina to orchestrate the offense has been held in high regards to multiple college coaches. He has been nicknamed "Mr. Both Sides of the Floor." The freshman guard has offers from Nebraska, St. Peters, and more.

Picture: Geamine Jamison

6'6" Guard Jahmere Tripp (Brooklyn Collegiate Prep)

Tripp is the definition of a Big Guard. He uses his size to dominate others. He can score in a multitude of ways. He is a guard to keep your eye on. The Freshman Guard has already managed to pick up D1 offers from LSU, St. Peters, UMass, Nebraska & More.

6'10" F Aaron Bradshaw (Roselle Catholic)

Bradshaw has made tremendous improvements from his middle school days to his freshman season. He has been more dominant and more athletic with his frame. He's 6'10" as a freshman, who knows how much taller this kid can get 3 years down the road. He will have an expanded role next year as he steps into the starting lineup for National Powerhouse "Roselle Catholic."

6'3" PG Christian Jones (St. Thomas More)

Jones is transitioning into a perfect point guard. He's able to score from anywhere. He can throw down dunks. He's able to be an efficient scorer while averaging 10 or more assists on a nightly basis. Jones has an offer to Stonybrook.

Picture: NERR BBall

6'2" Dean Newsome (Archbishop Carroll)

Newsome is a kid that's usually to himself but he is very dangerous on the basketball court. He's not the flashy type of guard. He's very fundamental and he plays hard. He's downhill with his scoring attack. He will occasionally shoot and knock down the three ball when he's open but he's always looking to get the opposing team in foul trouble. Most aggressive guard in this tier.

Picture: MadeHoops

6'2" Guard Royal Brown (Cohoes High School)

Brown is an extremely quick guard. He can fill it up on offensive end. Brown is a great passer. He plays with an extreme passion for the game. Brown holds the most D1 offers on the list. He has D1 offers from Seton Hall, Miami, Creighton, DePaul, Norfolk State, North Carolina A&T, and more.

5'11" PG Rahmir Barno (Imhotep Charter)

Barno is one of the most electrifying & quickest guards in this class. His improvement has been tremendous from his middle school days for Philly Triple Threat to his freshman season at Imhotep. Imhotep has a great emerging leader and a floor general who can run the show without a doubt. Barno brings the same heart and tenacity for the game as the likes of a Damian Lillard. The next three years look bright for Rahmir Barno and Imhotep Charter School.

Media: Jaydoe Films & Skills Inc.

5'11" PG Mark Butler (Penn Charter)

Butler is a transcending guard. He's making improvements every year. He's a great passer who possesses the ability to score. He doesn't shy away from contact or competition. Best IQ of a guard on this list. His heart and attitude are outmatched.

5'11" Guard Xzayvier Brown (Roman Catholic)

Brown stepped into a major role as a freshman. He was the starting point guard alongside top ranked players in Lynn Greer, Justice Williams, and Jalen Duren. Greer now plays for IMG Academy. Williams & Duren now play for Montverde Academy. Brown stepped in and became an integral part of the Roman Catholic basketball team. He's able to use his quickness to drive to the lane. He's capable of knocking down the three ball. Brown is going to have an expanded role as he is the only one to return to the National Powerhouse "Roman Catholic." He has the potential to be a top 10 ranked PG in his class. He played up for K-Low Elite which has also accelerated his IQ and maturity for the game. The freshman guard has an offer to St. Joseph's.

Picture: H&H Visions

6'6" Wing Justin Edwards (Imhotep Charter)

Edwards ceiling is very high. He can dribble like a point guard, and score at a high rate. You do not find many people at his size with his dribbling ability. He can make his own shot off the dribble. His value will drastically increase as he prove hisself over the next three years. Edwards currently holds an offer to DePaul.

6'6" Wing Guard Shawn Simmons (Friends Central)

Simmons is freakishly athletic. He has made tremendous improvements to his perimeter game. He is the 2023 class best kept secret. I would not be surprised if he is ranked top 10 in this class three years from now. He's steadily improving on both sides of the ball. Simmons currently hold an offer from LaSalle.

Picture: H&H Visions

6'5" G James Johns Jr. (West Catholic)

Johns Jr. is a crafty scorer. He can score in a multitude of ways. He has been working non-stop during quarantine with kids that are much older and bigger than him. He's holding his own against the elite D1 prospects in the Class of 2020, 2021, and 2022.

Media: Jaydoe Films & Skills Inc.

6'2" G Spencer Joyner (University High School of Humanities)

Joyner currently holds offers from Seton Hall, Howard, Rider, Fairfield, and Little Rock. As he continues to develop, the list will only get longer. Very bright future!

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